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honestech TVR

The program is unavailable for downloading: discontinued by the developer.


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Luis Sanchez Senior editor

This program has been discontinued.
It is no longer being updated, and you won't be able to obtain it from its original developer.
The Honestech TVR 2.0 comes with brilliant features of a digital video recorder and helps the user to utilize the computer as a professional video recorder for the television set. The program encodes and compresses the real-time video data from the various video devices connected to the computer such as TV, VCD, analog camcorder and the likes.

It comes with easy-to-use on screens buttons, which makes the handling lot easy for the user, and comes with advanced functionalities like time shift function that allows the user to replay some scenes, which may be recorded whenever the user misses out an important portion of an exciting TV serial or a soccer or cricket match.
The application essentially comes with Real-time MPEG1, MPEG2, VCD, SVCD and DVD recording and playback capabilities along with Multi-channel TV Sound support. It also supports both NTSC as well as PAL simultaneously, and is Video CD/DVD compliant.

Honestech TVR provides plenty of resourceful options such as automatic channel configuration, enabling the user to add, edit, delete or sort the channel number and name. It also has a Mode Changing Function and shuts down automatically after finishing the schedule recording. It comes with plenty of other advanced enhanced functionalities, out of which the built-in video mail forwarding capability and auto-scan are amongst the most prominent ones.


  • Built-in video mail forwarding capability and auto-scan


  • Time shift supports only a small time duration

Latest comments

  All comments (9)
  • 0
    Guest 2 months ago

    wheteher it works on windows 8

  • 0
    Guest 3 months ago

    If your tvr can generate the tv signals and it appears on your screen, then you probably have to use another software that can capture video like VLC player.

  • 0
    tezi 5 months ago

    I got Honestech TVR Tuner 2.5 in my computer with Winxp proffessional. My USB TV tuner is working fine except sound or no audio, when I watch TV.

    • 0
      Guest 12 days ago

      This problems occurs when you will insert honestech stick when computer is booting, now uninstalled the software & re installed it, connect USB stick after booting the computer , You will hear the audio also.

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